Weddings are usually fast-paced that happens in a long duration. This, to help you survive all throughout the wedding event, we will be listing in this article the important wedding photography tools, which can result in smoother wedding coverage for all of your wedding photographers. These essentials are not related to gears. Rather, they are the things you haven’t probably considered before but will significantly change your photography game during long-hours of wedding coverage.  

Bring durable and comfortable shoes 

To bring with you durable and comfortable shoes is just as essential as having your favorite lens with you. Shoes can prevent you from tripping or falling. Aside from that, they can keep your feet from being hurt after many hours on the job. The ideal shoes to consider are those with thick soles since they can endure several hours while wearing it. Also, your shoes must be comfortable to wear. Refrain from using dress shoes and flats since they cannot endure long hours of use and they are not really durable. Aside from that, they do not provide actual supper for you as photographers in the wedding’s main event. 

Employ an assistant 

Once you have enough budget, it would be best to hire an assistant. An assistant should not be confused with the second shooter who assists the main photographer to cover a wedding. In fact, assistants are there to aid the main photographers to carry their gears and things and serve as an additional helping hand. They could be assigned for lining up the family, keeping the photographer on track with the timeline, assisting to bluff out the dress of the bride, battery changing, lens changing, and the equipment.  

Bring some snacks 

For both short and long wedding days, snacks are important to nourish yourselves throughout the wedding. Wedding surely takes out plenty of your energy both physically and mentally with the customer service, directing, photographing, styling, posing, and being the head of your team. With all those stressors and responsibilities, it would be best to get some light and easy snacks with you. 

Have a hand towel 

Since weddings are undeniably long, they usually have plenty of suns. Meaning, while your clients are placed under the shade, you might end yourself taking pictures under the extreme sunlight. Hand towels can help your sweat off your camera and your face on those extremely hot summer days. Doing this can prevent you from the need to ask the venue or guests for something to wipe your sweat off with and it helps you to look fresh all the time.  

Bring styling items like command hooks 

Command hooks are extremely flexible and having some of them with you can actually help you in terms of styling particular wedding details. Such hooks are available in various finishes and styles, and it is great to stock some s you won’t run out of them during the wedding day.  

Those are only some of the must-have essentials that all wedding photographers have. If you want to employ reliable and skilled professional wedding photographers in Evanston, message us today.