Here’s Why Your Dryer Vent Needs to be Cleaned

House maintenance includes cleaning your dryer vent. Your dryer vent is responsible for moving hot, humid, air that dries your clothes outside your house. It is reported that each household in the United States has 600 loads of laundry each year. This is a lot of clothes that we are washing and drying, and this is why it is important to maintain your dryer vent and have dryer vent cleaning Reno and Sparks.

There could be lint build up and they can accumulate over time. This reduced the efficiency of your equipment at the same time increasing the demands for energy – which reflects on your bills. There are many hazards that can happen when your dryer vent lacks the maintenance it needs. It can increase the risk of fire.

The following are the reasons why your dryer vent needs to be cleaned:

1. It reduces the risk of a house fire

The accumulated lint imposes hazard nor just to your equipment but also to your house. Lint is a leading cause of the fire, which accounts for 28% of all dryer vent-caused fires. Within three years, 2007-2011, there was an estimated of 15,200 fires caused by dryer vent, over 200 million property damages, 460 injuries and 30 deaths within just a span of three years.

2. It is time-saving

When your dryer vent is in good condition, it just needs 50 minutes to dry your clothes, but when it is damaged due to lint accumulation, it will take them twice the time to dry your clothes.

3.Reduced energy consumption

All appliances will have an increase in energy consumption when they are not functioning efficiently or as what they are designed to. The equipment needs to work hard to compensate for the obstruction caused by the accumulation inside. Your dryer vent is not an exemption. It will need more energy to function, and this will increase energy consumption and costs

4. It extends your equipment’s life

Of course, maintenance will increase your equipment’s life. When it is over-exhausted due to the lint buildup inside it, there is a tendency that your dryer vent will get damaged, or worse, will ignite, leading to a house fire. Regular maintenance will avoid this

5.Avoids getting your clothes damaged

When your dryer vent overheats because of the lint buildup or poor maintenance, this potentially damages your clothes when you use it. Overheat can cause damage to your clothing’s fiber. Also, inefficient dryer vent due to poor maintenance also works slower. This will necessitate drying your clothes in a longer duration which also causes the fibers of the clothes to wear out faster.


Your dryer vent plays an important role in your house, ad this is why it deserves the cleaning and maintenance it needs. Also, proper maintenance will save you from more energy costs, more time for in drying clothes, increases chances of wear and tear of your equipment and even from the risk oh house fire.