Are you planning a kitchen remodel? If so, you probably have a lot to consider. From appliances to layout, the list goes on. However, the kitchen cabinet is perhaps one of the most crucial choices you will make for a kitchen remodel. 

It is normal for homeowners to be completely overwhelmed by the numerous options for cabinet finishes, colors, and styles. Fortunately for you, we are here to help. 

Today, we’re going to share with you a couple of the most common colors for kitchen cabinets. So, before you proceed with your kitchen cabinets Boston MA installation, make sure you consider these options. 


Gray is an odd color option for kitchen cabinets. However, it provides a lot of advantages. It is not too gloomy or clinical. Aside from that, you can clean and maintain it easily. It makes an excellent match for stainless steel accessories and appliances.  

Unfortunately, gray is probably ideal as a backdrop combined with another more cheerful color for cabinets. With this, you can avoid getting a drab effect on your kitchen.  


Black is a color that you can find at the other end of the color spectrum. It offers a modern and dramatic effect. It barely shows light stains or dust. However, you can make your kitchen feel gloomy and oppressive if you’ve got too many black surfaces. This is particularly true if your kitchen is big. Usually, homeowners combine black cabinets with a lighter color. 

You might want to stay away from black cabinets if you want cabinets that are easy to clean. For those who don’t know, black is one of the most difficult colors to clean since they have a deep color.  

You can even make the cabinet look worse after cleaning since it can easily show soapy streaks. 


Cream offers a bit of a warmer version of white. It can brighten up a tiny kitchen. Aside from that, it can also hide effectively minor stains and fingerprints. Unfortunately, there is a fine line between a yellowing/darker finish and clean-looking cream.  

Keep in mind that cream can immediately lose its appealing look if you do a lot of frying in your kitchen.  


White is perhaps one of the most common colors for kitchen cabinets. It offers a sense of airy spaciousness. White is ideal for smaller kitchens. This is particularly true for small houses. Other colors for cabinets can make a small kitchen feel claustrophobic. In addition to that, white is a neutral and forgiving shade. It can easily blend well with almost any other type of accessory or décor.  

However, just like any other color, white has a couple of drawbacks. It quickly shows up any dust, smears, or splashes. It can also look old and grubby quickly if it starts to lose its sheen.  

In addition to that, you can make your kitchen look uninviting and cold if you add white cabinets. This is particularly true if you’ve got a big kitchen. Thus, white cabinets will require a couple of careful planning to offer additional interest.