Christmas is coming and we are just a few months away from the most celebrated day by billions of people around the world. It is an annual festival commemorating the birth of Jesus. It perhaps one of the awaited festivals by children as they will receive presents from their parents or relatives. As December is approaching, people are starting to decorate their house with Christmas decorations such as Christmas lights that give satisfaction to the eye and boost the hype of Christmas feels. 

Here are useful tips for Christmas light installation for you to remember:

  1. Using of Proper Outlet

Safety is our top priority! The source of power for our Christmas lights should come from a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlet. GCFCI will shut the circuit down if there will be over current. We want to avoid overcurrent to avoid incidents such as fire hazard. All we want is for our lights to shine and feel the holiday season. 

  1. Extension cordsmust keep out of the way 

When using extension cords, make sure to keep away from reaching by their children as they may be electrocuted once they touched it especially if the cord is connected with the power source. It is recommended that extension cords must connect above ground and water. Use the correct length needed enough to travel your lights. Try not to use any extension cords as possible to avoid hazards. 

  1. Test your Christmas lights

Testing does not mean you plug them directly into an outlet, you can test them first by visual inspection. Inspect the light strings, looking for busted or missing bulbs and damaged wiring. If you found faulty wires, change the string entirely to avoid fire hazard. If there are bulbs that are damaged, change them with new ones. 

It is best recommended to choose waterproof lights. Using a water-resistant light with a tag patented to underwriters lab (UL). It means that the lights meet the national industry standards with the American National Standards Institute.  Just remember, when buying Christmas lights that you’re going to use it outside your home, make sure they are rated for outdoor use same with your extension cords.  Always remember a very big no of using an indoor Christmas light outdoors! 

  1. Dangle the Christmas lights along the eaves.

Your main concern is to put the lights quickly, easily, and safely without damaging any parts of your house. You can use plastic clips when putting lights along gutters or even on the roof. These clips have a lower hook that supports a light strand. 

The abovementioned tips are enough for you to plan out the things you need to be done before or during the installation of your Christmas lights. As a homeowner, you can do the installation of your own or you may consult someone who has the expertise in terms of lights installation. You can approach North Texas Christmas Light Installation with that. You can contact them thru their phone number: 206-799-7181 or just visit their website.